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Benefits of using a Letting Agent

Are you a landlord looking to relieve some of the stress that comes with renting out a property? Consider hiring a letting agent to help you along the way. They are there to offer help to landlords, making renting that little bit easier. Many agents take on a large amount of properties, taking over their care and managing multiple properties at once, this means that letting agents are more than experienced in renting and advertising spaces. This experience often means that they can even get better quality and value tenants due to their vetting procedures and contacts.

Not sure if you actually need the services of a letting agent for your Coventry property? See how hiring help could help you.

Getting your property up to standard

Having a hard time getting tenants to take notice of your property? That won’t be a problem for a letting agent. They know what is best when renting a property and can advise you with ways to get your space looking its best. Making it as attractive as possible for them to advertise on their many online and in-store platforms. Letting agents will also help you do a full inventory check. Making note of everything within the property before the new tenants move in, this includes all physical items and their condition at the time of renting. We here at Complete Residential Lettings will provide you with a full inventory check and helpful letting advice before your potential tenants are introduced to the property.

Dealing with your legal obligations

Not a fan of all the paperwork that comes with renting your property? Let a letting agent take care of your paperwork for you. They will save you having to come into contact with your tenants and the legalities that come along with them. Taking care of your tenants deposit and ensuring that it is passed through the correct deposit protection scheme, as well as making sure your tenancy agreements are all correct. We will do a series of checks to ensure that your property is up to legal standard for renting and will take the time to be sure that all of your agreements and notices going forward are legally correct.

Checking and referencing tenants for you

Not only do letting agents look after your property, they will also help put your property in touch with quality potential tenants. Using tried and tested vetting procedures to check the potential tenants that apply for your property, your letting agent will ensure that they are suitable for the property before putting them forward. Being sure to check that they meet your requirements and are more likely to be reliable tenants further down the line. Here at Complete Residential Lettings we will do everything for you, we want to find and advise the best tenants for your property, so you can be sure it is being well looked after without you there.

Dealing with your tenants issues

Once we have a tenant successfully moved into your property, there are always little things that can go wrong around the home. Accidental damages to the property from the tenant, or the breakdown of provided objects within the property. Having a letting agent managing the space means that regular checks will be done on the state and maintenance of the property, keeping it up to standard consistently throughout the duration of the tenancy agreement as well as helping to fix issues as they arise. On our website, we have a handy repair reporting service where tenants can flag up a problem online, quickly and easily. We will then step in to ensure the fix is carried out appropriately.

For more information on what a Letting Agent could do for your Coventry property, visit Lets Complete Online or alternatively contact us today.


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