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Best schools in Coventry

Whether you are looking for a property to rent in Coventry or you are already sorted and ready to move in, getting your children sorted into a school is important. It can even change your decision on the exact location you choose within the city, or have you sorting out potential routes from the area you have already selected. Everyone just wants the best schooling experience for their kids, so take a look at the currently ranked best schools within Coventry and see if any are near you. Below are the top 3 ranked schools according to

Bablake school

This school is an independent school residing within the CV1 postcode in Coventry. With a bus route nearby, there is an accessible route if you live slightly further away than walking distance. The school at its last check offered education to 758 pupils aged between 11 and 19. Acting as a high school. Bablake holds the top ranking on due to achieving great scores within the ranking system they provide. There are not many details available online as they are a private school, but ratings say that pupils steadily make good progress between the different learning stages and levels within the school. Suggesting a high level of development.

King Henry VIII School

King Henry VIII is another independent school but this one resides within the CV3 postcode. Boasting a train station and a bus route nearby, the school is incredibly accessible from the surrounding areas as well as the immediate neighbourhood. At its last check the school taught 741 pupils aged 3 to 18 making it an education system for all ages. Holding second place in the rankings due to their great scores in the set ranking system. Similar to Bablake school there is not much public information on as it is another independent school however they also noted significant improvement for pupils between different learning stages.

Finham Park School

Unlike the other two on the list, Finham Park School is not an independent school. Residing with the CV3 postcode it has a bus route nearby. This school holds the third ranking in the top 3. During its most recent check the school held 1480 pupils aged 11 to 18, making it the second high school on the list. Gaining its ranking for its high standard of education according to’s standards. state a 70% statistic for students achieving 5 GCSEs or more with 98% of pupils staying in further education or moving into employment after initial schooling ends. As well as this, they also hold the same ranking as the other top two schools for progress made by pupils between learning stages.

Are none of the above schools suitable for your child or location? Check out the Top 5 ranking primary and high schools in Coventry. Not including the three schools already mentioned.


Top 5 primary schools

1st Ranking – Christ the King Catholic Primary School – CV6 Postcode

2st Ranking – All Souls Catholic Primary School – CV5 Postcode

3rd Ranking – Moseley Primary School – CV6 Postcode

4th Ranking – St Osburg’s Catholic Primary School – CV1 Postcode

5th Ranking – Earlsdon Primary School – CV5 Postcode


Top 5 High Schools (After those shown above)

4th Ranking – Blue Coat Church of England School and Music College – CV1 Postcode

5th Ranking – Caludon Castle school Coventry – CV2 Postcode

6th Ranking – Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School Academy – CV3 Postcode

7th Ranking – President Kennedy School Academy – CV6 Postcode

8th Ranking – Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Arts and Community College – CV6 Postcode

If you are looking for any more information on the location you are moving to, be sure to speak to your Coventry Letting agent. They will be able to advise you on any queries you may have about the surrounding areas or amenities.


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