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Everything You Need To Know About Coventy, UK

Moving to Coventry? Relocating is a big change and getting to know the area you are moving to is key to help you settle back your daily life as quickly as possible. So whether you are looking after a rental property for a new job, interested in local travel or just want to know more about the city itself we will outline the basics of Coventry life.


Transport and travel

Travelling around a built-up city can be stressful, especially when you are new to the area. Building traffic and confusing directions can turn a simple journey into a nightmare, even travelling on foot can be difficult. But Luckily Coventry has multiple options to help you get around.

  • Bus services – Coventry has an extensive bus service utilising multiple transport providers that are great for local stops. With Pool Meadow Bus Station located in Coventry City Center, just around the corner from the Coventry Transport Museum.
  • Rail Network – If you find yourself needing to travel a little further than your local shops, then you can make use of the train network running through the City. Coventry Train station offers two customer car parks, quick access to Birmingham and only an hour ride to London.
  • Taxis – If neither of the above options are appealing to you, then like all cities throughout the UK a range of taxi services are available on demand to get you where you need to go.


Working in Coventry

Looking for a new job or want to see if your current Company has a firm in Coventry? You should have no problem finding a job role that suits your needs.

  • Job availability – The UK Powerhouse Study from 2017 found that the job market in Coventry is growing fast. With an increase of 1.2% of people in work during the third quarter of the year. A rise that is supported by the many successful companies located throughout Coventry
  • Companies situated in Coventry – With such high employment rates, comes many hiring companies. Coventry boasts a large amount of well known organisations throughout the area. Including names such as Jaguar Land Rover, Severn Trent, Eon, The University of Warwick, Barclays and many more.


History and character

Brought to Coventry by your interest in its local areas and heritage? The history of the City is extensive, interesting and worth looking into. However there are a few defining factors that make themselves well known.

  • Coventry History – Originally a Saxon Village, the City of Coventry was a rapidly growing settlement, with a much smaller population than it sees today.
  • Industry – It first found footing within the wool dyeing industry. Later moving onto silk as the years rolled by and demands changed.
  • World War IIMuch of Coventry City Center was destroyed in World War 2, including St Michael’s Cathedral. However, it was later rebuilt into the City it is today.


Things to do

There is always something to do in the City, whether you are interested in long standing landmarks, aviation history or even landscaping and gardens.

  • Coventry Cathedral – Also known as the The Cathedral Church of St Michael, is situated next to the ruins of its former medieval cathedral. Put out of use during World War II due to extensive damage from bombs, only the outer walls and spire remain.
  • St Mary’s GuildhallTaking you back in time with its gorgeous interiors and scenery. Once used as the Mayor’s headquarters, this building is now free for the public to roam.
  • Midland Air MuseumLocated in a hangar adjacent to Coventry Airport and kept open largely by volunteers, the Midland Air Museum offers a range of things for visitors to see and experience. Including books, photographs and the aircraft themselves.


Property within Coventry

Looking for a place to live within Coventry? Whether you are in need of a house, flat or other type of accommodation within this bustling City, you can find it here Coventry Rental properties.


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