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What Is Included in Your Tenancy Agreement?

Planning to rent in Coventry and just need to draw up the tenancy agreement?

Make sure everything you need is included before you add your signature, to save yourself from potential issues further down the line.

Your tenancy agreement is put in place as guidelines of ongoing practice and documented proof of the arrangements between yourself and your landlord. So having everything in order is crucial for this document to be of any benefit to you at all, let alone for the full duration of your tenancy agreement.

But what exactly will you find in your new tenancy agreement, and what should you always make sure has been included?

As an experienced Letting Agent, Complete Residential Lettings will do all of the paperwork for you, so when finding your Coventry Rental Property through us, you will not need to worry that anything is missing.

However, for your peace of mind, we do ensure that the following has been outlined and included in your agreement. To keep both you and your landlord safe and happy.

Landlord / Tenant & Property Information

This includes the names of both yourself (the Tenant) and your landlord, as well as their contact information, should you ever need to get in touch with them.

As well as any information on additional tenants to the property, who else is expected to be living there, and if the property can be sublet.

Tenancy Start Date, Length & End date

A clearly stated part of the document that covers the length of your tenancy agreement duration. The date you are expected to be moving in to the property, how long you are permitted to stay there until you need to renew your tenancy agreement.

Rent Agreements & Expectations

This will outline the total rent expected from the tenant during the tenancy period, the agreed monthly payment amounts and expected dates of payment for the tenant. As well as the method of how this will be paid. We will also plan out any details in foreseeable alterations to these payments and how this would have to be executed if a change does occur.

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What is Included Within the Rent

To keep things clear, and save any disputes for missed payments further into the tenancy. This part of your agreement will detail what your rental payments include, whether they cover your energy and water bills. As well as any other utility costs that are accumulated through living in the property. If they are not covered, these will have to be paid separately.

A Vacancy Notice Period

A notice period is the minimum amount of notice required from the tenant or landlord for the property to be vacated. This applies to both a tenant requesting to leave an agreement early, and a landlord requesting a tenant to vacate earlier than previously agreed. These times have set minimums by law, and can be discussed with us if you need any further advice.


As well as the above terms, there are a few implied terms that come with a tenancy that will be included and detailed further within your agreement. Such as who is responsible for any repairs and maintenance that the property needs during the tenancy period and guidelines and requirements set for the general upkeep of the home on the tenant’s part. There may also be some more obligations agreed between you and your landlord prior to drafting up your agreement, which will also be included in your document.

As your local, friendly Coventry Letting Agents, we are always here to help. So if you are looking to start a new tenancy, or have any questions about your existing tenancy / rental with us, please contact us on 024 7667 9333.


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