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Where are the top ten university cities for yields?

Edinburg is the best for university cities in the UK

According to recent research, Edinburgh tops the best rental yields for university Cities in the UK with 6.11%, beating London and the South East.

Historic Building in Edinburgh University
Historic Buildings in Edinburgh

London, home to many of the best universities in the world, offers an average yield only slightly above the average at 3.97%.

While four Scottish Cities appear in the top five, Coventry comes a close second with impressive yields of 6.03%, well above the national average gross yield of 3.92%. In third place is Aberdeen (5.66%) followed by Dundee (5.11%) and Glasgow (5.07%). However, Cities in the North are not giving landlords such profitable yields. Middlesbrough and Lancaster are named as the two university cities with the lowest average rental yields in the UK at 1.47% and 1.87% respectively.

Prices comparison in top ten university cities

Jane Morris, Managing Director of comments:  “While Scottish university cities are giving great yields, landlords in Coventry are enjoying a highly profitable return on their investment, with yields of more than 2.11% above the average and 2.06% above London yields.

Venture is increasing day by day university

There has been much investment in the City and the Cathedral quarter links old and new Coventry, which has been revived with a range of pubs, cafés and restaurants. Spoon Street houses original and reconstructed medieval buildings, as well as a major club complex, which stands close to another new area for bars and restaurants.

It’s a thriving University City and there is much to offer under and post graduates and demand for rental accommodation is soaring.  Over the last 12 months, rents have risen by 14% and the number of tenants looking for property has increased by 24%.  It’s a great City for investors, with growing numbers of students and professionals looking for quality accommodation.


by Warren Lewis 24/11/2015

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The University of Oxford

The College of Oxford is the most seasoned college within the English-speaking world and the world’s moment most seasoned surviving college. Whereas its correct founding date is obscure, there’s prove that educating took put as distant back as 1096. Located in and around Oxford’s medieval city middle, the college comprises 44 colleges and lobbies, and over 100 libraries, making it the biggest library framework within the UK. Students number around 22,000 in add up to, fair over half of whom are students whereas over 40 per cent are universal, speaking to 140 nations between them.


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