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What to look for when visiting a home

Are you looking to find a rental property that you would like to stay in long term? Finding something you love that meets all of your needs can be difficult. Especially when it also needs to be comfortable to live in and up to your standards before you move in.

Knowing exactly what you want makes the process of selecting a rental property easier, however before you commit there are a few things you should be checking out in your viewing, no matter how perfect it may seem from its listing.

Ensuring you aren’t hit with any hidden surprises further down the line.

Letting agents can help with any information you need, however there are a few key things you should always observe in a property viewing.


The surrounding area

Do you know the area the property is located in well? If not, it is worth getting a good look around at that too. Arrive at your viewing early to take a quick look around the area. Take a drive and see what is in the community, whether it has shops, schools or public transport near enough for you.

Or even if there is a local attraction that would cause extra noise or traffic in day to day life as well as anything else you would or wouldn’t like nearby. If required check if there is any parking included and see how accessible it is, whether it is far away from the property.

Essentially you want to ensure that the local area is a place you would like to be living in before setting your heart on a property. You can even ask your landlord or letting agent for their experienced take on the area.


The building itself

Once you start the viewing speak to your letting agent about the structure or the building, ask about any known about issues that may need fixing further down the line or before you move in.

Scout around for any damp on walls and noticeable cracks that could be expensive to solve. It is also good to take a look at the windows in the property to ensure they are installed correctly and open and lock as they should.

To make the space liveable, it is also good to ensure all plumbing and electrics are up to standard. Take a look for faulty sockets and run taps to check water pressure throughout the property.

Again, your letting agent should be able to help you with these queries. Any damaged items you see, note down as these may be things the landlord can get fixed before you move in.


Available space

Now you are assured that the building is structurally sound and operates as it should, could you see yourself living there? Are the rooms big enough to accommodate for your needs?

Check with the letting agent whether the furniture within the property is included, or if you will have to provide your own so that you can check if your existing furniture will fit in the required rooms.

Is there enough storage space in the property for the amount of tenants that will be occupying it and if not, is the landlord happy to let you install extra cupboards or shelving to accommodate.

Garden space is also notable for some people, check if there is enough room if you require the space for children or pets. First checking with your agent if you are allowed pets on the premises.


A second opinion

If you are sold on the rental property before your viewing it is a good idea to take someone with you, whether that be a partner, potential roommate or even a friend.

As they will be more likely to notice things you would not if you are already pleased with the property. Doing this also provides two sets of eyes and questions to get the relevant information from the viewing.

If after this you are still happy, get a second viewing of the property with your letting agent if they are happy to provide one, just to make sure you see it all the same a second time around. As things may not always be as you remember.


For any further questions you may have, you can speak to your letting agent about the information they already have on the property.

Complete Residential Lettings are experts in rentals for Coventry and can offer experiences advice about the area and value for cost. Be sure to ask everything you need to before discussing setting up a tenancy agreement and moving the process forward. 


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