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Letting Property Through A Letting Agent in 2022

Considering letting property in Coventry to bring in some extra cash?

Letting on your own can be time-consuming, sometimes even feeling like a second part-time job. As a Landlord you will be required to market your property, find a suitable tenant, and sort all legalities along the way. Whilst also maintaining the property and collecting rent once the new tenant has moved in.

Don’t have time for all that? That’s where your Letting Agent comes in.

Complete Residential Lettings offer a comprehensive service that ensures that you will not feel the weight of letting out your property personally. We have an average renting time of just three weeks and guarantee a friendly, helpful service along the way. So how can you let your property with us?


Step 1 – Is Letting right for you?

Before one of our agents gets started on listing your property, they will run you through the process of letting out your property. Covering topics such as how renting works, how your premises will be managed moving forwards and any legal requirements you will encounter along the way, such as the living standards of your property and any laws you will have to adhere to as a Landlord. We will also make you aware of any new legislation that you may not be familiar with whilst letting out your premises.


Step 2 – Getting your property on the market.

To list your property with us, we will provide a free valuation of your premises so we can ensure we are letting it for the best value possible. This will then be listed online, ready to be seen by any potential tenants. Showcasing the property with the relevant information and monthly rental cost to attract the right kind of tenants. Whether they be students or someone looking for a more long term home.


Step 3 – Finding potential tenants

This part is all down to us! Sit back while we source potential tenants for your property. Advertising your property to renters in Coventry using detailed photos and all the relevant information a potential tenant would need. Such as the property size, location and facilities. Our Agents will then go through the potential tenants and check their suitability for your specific premises, our checking process ensures that we are putting forward tenants that fit your criteria. Guaranteeing each matches the property and their background is fully validated. Whether you are looking to rent out to families, students or even companies.


Step 4 – Let us take care of the letting process

Let us take care of the letting process for you! We will arrange showings with the suitable candidates selected. Guiding them through the property to point out its key features and answering any questions they may have. Once a tenant has decided to apply for the property and been approved, Complete Residential Lettings will also help them fill out the relevant forms. Gathering the required tenant information and ensuring that all the necessary papers are signed. Drafting up a rental agreement that suits both yourself and the tenant. You will not need to do a thing, as our agents will even collect your deposit and arrange any maintenance needed before anyone moves in. However we will be sure to stay in contact with you throughout the whole process.


Step 5 – After the agreement

Once your new tenant has moved in and got settled, our agents will either be available to lend a hand to your tenants or simply on call for you when you need us. This is depending on the level of service you request from us when setting up your tenancy agreement.

  • Let Only – The rest is up to you. We will be on call if you need us, but getting the property successfully let is our role.
  • Rent Collection – All rent for your property will be collected through us, so you will not have to personally chase up your tenant for any late payments. However any other issues the tenant has will come to you as their landlord.
  • Fully Managed – Complete Residential Lettings become your tenants first call. Their rent will be collected through us and we will be their main contact for any issues or maintenance they may need throughout their tenancy. Allowing you to continue with peace of mind that your property is being taken care of.

To get your property listed with Complete Residential Lettings in Coventry, please contact us online or give us a call direct on 024 7667 9333.


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