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Renting tips for new tenants

Are you renting property for the first time or have done it before? We know everybody could use a hand when comes to choosing somewhere new to live, whether your choosing you first rental property or your fourth. But unfortunately the stresses of moving don’t end the moment you secure your new home. So to make those first few months easier we have a few tips to save yourself some avoidable stress. Ensuring you are happy and comfortable in your new Coventry home

Be aware of your agreement

Depending on the agreement between you and your landlord what you can and can’t do whilst renting a property from them vary. Different tenancy agreements affect the rights you have while inhabiting a property. It is crucial to be aware of what kind of agreement you are involved in so you can understand what you are covered or reliable for. This is especially true in the case of shared accommodation.

Enquire as soon as possible

Get to know the property at a deeper level. Ask for all of the extra information at the first chance you get. Information such as the friendliness of your new neighbours, were the fuse box and power meters are as well as the location of the mains water stopcock. Asking any questions you need helps you feel more comfortable in the property, so you don’t have to worry about small things like when to take the bins out to be collected. If you do not have direct contact with your landlord, you can always ask their letting agents in Coventry for advice if they have one.

Take a look around

Check the local area of the property, become familiar with the place that will become your home. Collecting your bearings of the local area makes that last minute dash to the shops much easier if you realise you’re missing something at home. Find the local bus stops and train stations in case you need to take advantage of public transport in the near future. Whatever you need to do to feel like you really know the part of Coventry you will be living in.

Make it a home – with permission

When you are comfortable with the technicalities of your lease and house, and have explored the world around your building it’s time to make the house a home. Check with your landlord about your permissions to decorate the rooms as many buy to let properties require that rooms are not altered or if they are, that they be put back to their original state once your tenancy ends. Check you can paint the walls, re-carpet and even hang pictures on the walls. It’s better to be sure before you start.

Now with all the stress out of the way, you are free to relax in the place you now call home.


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