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Places to visit in Coventry

Looking to move to a buy to let property in Coventry but want to make sure the area is busy enough to keep you occupied on your days off? Even if you are only visiting the city, there are plenty of places to visit as well as things to do. Ensuring you will never be bored as long as you have some free time to spare. Take a look at these great attractions suitable for any ages.

Coventry Transport Museum

Based in Coventry City Centre the Coventry Transport Museum is a great place to visit for all the family. Whether you choose to go with a partner or in a group admission is free, so you can enjoy the history with no concerns. Open every day of the week except for specific bank holidays the museum gives you a chance to look over the last 150 years of the motor industry. Covering both conventional cars and motorcycles the museum does an amazing job of documenting the changes within the motoring industry over time. Noting and displaying the advancements as well as the pitfalls it encountered through a large number of exhibitions that are still being added to. The Transport Museum offers a way to tell the story of motoring within the area around you as an enjoyable day out.

St Mary’s Guildhall

Only a few streets away from the Coventry Transport Museum St Mary’s Guildhall is based within the cathedral quarter of the city. With a fascinating history to discover a visit will take you on a trip through the last 700 years with a range of things to explore. Playing host to the public, weddings, private events and more, St Mary’s is a gorgeous place to spend some time. The free experience allows you to explore the building that was once used as the Mayor’s Headquarters, with additional links to names such as Shakespeare. Take a look around the building at the furniture and artworks that tell the story of its time and don’t miss its famous great hall. Which features a stunning display of stained glass that covers an entire wall. Once you have had enough exploring you can even visit the cafe on your way out or as a quick break to take in the scenery.

Ryton Organic Gardens

A key example of organic gardening at its finest, the Ryton Organic Gardens are based not far from the Midland Air Museum. Just five miles from Coventry itself. It offers a great outdoor experience that explores organic gardening. Learn about the processes and benefits of this kind of gardening. As a completely chemical free environment, the garden truly is completely natural. Take note of the vegetables growing throughout the garden, all suited to the season of which they grow in. Or spend some time relaxing in their sensory garden and learning the ins and outs of the organic gardening process. A day out here offers beautiful gardens and wide open spaces, all crafted to suit the plants growing within it. Perfect for a sunny day out with the family.

Still not sure if there is enough in the city to keep you occupied? Speak to your Landlord for more information on the area, they may even be able to give some personal advice on the subject. If these attractions only make you feel more sure about your move to Coventry then take a look at some rental property listings to get you on your way.


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