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We now offer Client Money Protect

Let your money protected

Complete Residential Lettings are now a member of Client Money Protect. A client money protection service that ensures the safety of our clients money.

Any fees which are held by your property agent or professionals are covered and the scheme protects clients first and foremost.

The service makes it easy for our clients to make a claim, resolving any money problems or uncertainty between clients and letting agents. So you can be sure your money is in safe hands.

Protect your money
Protect your money

Dependable place to claim misplaced money

Client Money Protect offers a reliable place to claim lost money. There are a few requirements for the use of the service, but as long as we as a letting agent are a member, then all of our clients are protected. There is a three stage process to claiming lost money.

These are that there firstly must be money owed to the client, with proof. Secondly, the problem must have already been reported to the police.

Then thirdly, their claim form must then be completed to fulfil the claiming process. If you do put in a claim, and are found to be owed money, Client Money Protect will then reimburse you the lost funds.

Keep control your money

There are many benefits to our registration with the service. Mainly that money under our control or under our watch is completely secure. Simplifying the process of us handling landlord and tenant funds.

Client Money Protect also offer a legal helpline for advice, providing someone for clients to talk to if they are unsure about a problem.

There is no fee for our clients to join, as our membership covers them completely. It is purely a protection scheme that we have entered to protect you. So you don’t need to do anything to be covered by the scheme.

No stresses of losing money

This will have a positive impact on Complete Residential Lettings. Allowing us to now offer better protection for your money and a safer service when transferring fees.

Leaving you with no worries of losing out on money through misappropriation or other means. Paid fees with have extra protection by us offering a service where you are reimbursed for any unlikely misplaced funds.

Our membership with Client Money Protect purely protects our clients, not us. Ensuring that all liability is in the right place.

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