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How To Report Repairs To Your Landlord – Complete Residential Lettings

Experiencing an issue in a rental property that needs to be repaired? Remember to always report repairs to your landlord! 

It’s a common issue, things go wrong and accidents happen, naturally, the next step is to contact your landlord.

Whether the damage was accidental or through circumstances out of your control, it is crucial that your landlord is contacted so they can get it solved for you. If covered by your rental agreement, the service will often be at their own expense rather than yours.

However, not informing your landlord could mean you are liable for damage further down the line.

We understand that getting hold of a busy landlord can be difficult at times, so all of our tenants that choose to use Complete Residential Lettings as their Letting Agent have an alternative way to report their repairs. Cutting out any time that would be spent calling their landlord. Our reporting service is quick, simple, and available online 24/7 so our tenants know their requests will be noticed and dealt with promptly.

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How To Report Repairs To Your Landlord

Reporting a repair to us is easy and you can report absolutely anything within the property that you feel needs attention. Be sure to contact us if you have an issue with your water, gas, heating, fires, security, pests or even the appliances supplied by your landlord. As well as many other circumstances that can arise within your home. Our reporting system ensures that you give us all the information we need straight away, so there will be no need for us to chase you up for extra information on the issue. Leaving us free to get a quicker response for you.

So how does a Complete Residential Lettings tenant go about reporting an issue to us? Simply visit our quick and simple Reporting Tool then follow the quick steps below. 

  • Select the option that best describes the type of issue you are having, whether it be with water, electrics or even fire.
  • Tell us the location that the problem has appeared in. Any location indoors or outdoors within your property boundaries is available.
  • Choose the option that specifies the exact issue you are experiencing.
  • Use the text boxes below your selection to provide us with any extra key information that can help us get the appropriate repair arranged for you, with the previous selections completed there should not be too much to enter here.
  • Please then provide us with any images of the issue that you can.
  • Enter your property address and personal contact details below.
  • Your form is now completed and ready to send!

When your form is completed, check it over and get it to us right away! We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution for your repair.


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